Cookulus™: Ultimate Recipes

Introducing Cookulus™ (rhymes with calculus) Ultimate Recipes. A Cookulus™ recipe is the ultimate recipe because you design it. Move the sliders on the control panel and ingredient amounts shift, the oven temperature rises or lowers, and the cooking time lengthens and shortens. You choose whether your cookies are thick or thin, chewy or crumbly, soft or crispy. You decide whether your brownies are going to come out cakey or fudgy, or if your pizza crust is thin and crisp or thick and chewy. However you like your food, Cookulus™ makes it easy to make it your way with adjustable recipes to fit your taste, your mood, or any occasion. Automated kitchen expertise with the touch of a finger. Cookulus may be the most revolutionary development in cooking since the measuring cup!

Each master recipe changes as you slide the slider bars. Since each slider has 11 positions, there are a possible 1300 unique recipes within each master recipe, and you have the option to save any of them. Once a recipe is saved it can be modified, notated, or sent to a friend. Touch any highlighted word in the recipe and a popover window of in-depth information appears. Calculate recipe yields with the yield adjuster. Choose the way you want your ingredients measured – by weight or volume, American or metric measurements.

At Cookulus™ we don’t just deliver diverse delicious recipes – we give you an insider's view of how food works. The patent-pending algorithm embedded in every Cookulus™ master recipe manipulates ingredients and cooking methods to meet your specifications. As you see what’s happening on the screen you get a peek of what’s going on inside the head of a professional chef. Using Cookulus™ just might make you a better cook.